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Photo shoot from Saturday

Just thought you guys would appreciate this picture of my baby chicken. She’s perfectly happy despite her miserably grumpy face.

Anonymous asked: You're absolutely stunning. One day, in another life, we will complete each others dreams.


Anonymous asked: Did it hurt when you got that tattoo on the side of your head?

Only the worst pain I’ve ever felt *cringe*

Wedding time.

We’ll break through time and space…to grab hold of our own path!

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Anonymous asked: 1.) Everyone loves cheese 2.) Cheese is the greatest food ever 3.) I don't trust people who have never gotten sick from eating too much cheese 4.) Thank you

*high five* FOR CHEESE!..


Sleeping with the tv on protects me

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imagine how much power you’d have if you woke up with a clear face and perfect hair every day

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Anonymous asked: I wanted to see a butt, but all I got was depressed from anon.

Hey don’t jump the gun, my boyfriend said he would take a picture of my butt later. Haha.

*Accidentally deleted anon message.
I know lots of women who love cheese ;) don’t fret, she’s out there.